Here we define innovation at the outset
as the love for the modern man and universe at large.

The end of the search for innovation

Services You'll Love

Information Technology is simplified and made easy. Firecodex helps you leverage heterogenious technologies for any type of requirements. Whatever be the need, perfection and commitment are guaranteed.


Technology Partner

If IT is not your cup of tea, be it any business, leave to us. It's a piece of cake for us. Moreover, division of concerns is a proved business strategy. Our success stories pronounce it loud.



Being found is not an auxiliary, but a quality. The earlier we planned, the easier we achieve. A rich set of analytical tools is the value add we offer.


Software Development

Our experience in developing web applications, mobile apps and multi-layered enterprise applications is an asset for your project. Expertise in latest technologies is not just our stregnth, but passion too.


Digital Marketing

Scaling business is not a natural end, but a deliberate target. We use multi-channels, so that you can reach out to targeted audience. Our successful campaigns speak volumes.


Web Design

Innovative thinking is a must for any design, so is with web design. Our creative team is an example for passion, as the design process for them is based on your business strategy and brands.


Web Hosting

Cloud has revolutionized the hosting services. However, traditional hosting has its own requirements too. We understand what you need.

A review platform

What’s My Review offers a customised solution to address all your Reputation Management worries! It provides access to ratings & reviews posted across prominent platforms on a single dashboard ... thus Redefining Convenience.

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Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Automated Workforce can chat with your new visitors. 24x7 Automated Concierge can answer queries from new visitors. Front desk Chatbots can deliver 24x7 customer service. Automated Wealth Management Communications can be speedy, scalable & cost effective.

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Happy Partners Say...

  • “Developing and maintaining project like demands technological excellence and expertise. Firecodex did it really very well. For a challenging project, we have no second thought!”

    — Nipun Balan, Co Founder - Codelattice

  • “Firecodex is not mere a technical partner for us, but handles a spectrum of responsibilities. The feeling of oneness is a good-to-have bonding.”

    — Shan Russel, Legal Advisor - JOHN & BROOKS Registrars Inc.

  • “To build such a sophisticated chatbot with artificial intelligence is a marvelous experience. Firecodex, in fact, lives up to their punch line: The end of the search for innovation...”

    — Vijith Sivadasan, CEO - Livelattice